Clean office…. Happy employees!

Have you ever felt completely stressed and frustrated by your cluttered office?


When you smell that clean and fresh room, and see just how spotless your surroundings are… you’ll be able to work with much more focus and a clarity.



Don’t discourage your clients with having a messy office and stained carpets – let us impress them for you.

Don’t spend your free time cleaning!

Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough time in the day? You spend all morning and evening working, and once you’re finally finished – you have to clean.

Save yourself some time and let us do it for you!

CleanMasters is a commercial cleaning company that is dedicated to making your office area, building or facility the best it can be. Don’t embarrass yourself in front of clients with coffee spills, dust build up and dirty carpets – appearance is so important and your first impression may be your only impression.

We understand your unique needs & desires!

CleanMasters - Photos by Kevin Randall Jones (19 of 34)

Get started on having it done right today!

Call 239-774-0454 for more information!

CleanMasters getting the job done!

CleanMasters is a reliable, punctual and consistent cleaning service that goes above and beyond to ensure the client is always pleased.

We have a CleanMasters guarantee that if an area does not match up to your expectations, we will send a crew to re-clean at your convenience.

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