About Us

CleanMasters of Naples, LLC

We are a privately-owned company, formed in 2008.

We asked “WHY?”

Many cleaning companies start strong and make ambitious promises but within weeks, management becomes invisible, supervision is non-existent and inevitably, standards or quality slips while promises are not kept or maintained.
We’ve proved that we can indeed do a better job. We have several prestigious accounts, who are very satisfied with our communication, hands-on approach, consistency and performance. References are available upon request.

Here are some of the reasons our clients tell us they like CleanMasters:

  • Visible ongoing supervision and hands-on management including regular inspections and walk-throughs
  • Staff training tailored to each client and the particular job site
  • Availability for special projects, or adding the occasional day to clean after an office party or event
  • Professional, courteous and friendly, yet unobtrusive
  • Performing tasks with the correct materials and products, no matter how varied
  • Weekly check-ins with our client to ensure quality control, listen to their feedback and to address any suggestions or concerns they may have
  • After the first 90 days, our agreement converts to a 30 day rolling contract
  • Customized cleaning schedules to suit client needs
  • CleanMasters is licensed and insured


Contact Info

Maria Bonanni

P: 239.234.3428

E: maria@cleanmastersnaples.com

We would highly recommend CleanMasters for cleaning services as they are very efficient as well as reliable. We especially appreciate how they communicate with us. We send emails to them if we have any problems or special requests and they respond timely.
Office Manager.

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